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Let me greet you my brother, my sister or my young! I hope you continue well with the roles and responsibilities in achieving different goals in life

As the title of the article says

Due to several experience I have in making application so i know how to solve some problematic issue on loan application I will like / would like to help each other in this.

Given that there many challenges in making the loan application so  I would like to collaborate with all applicant  in solving these challenges here and there  and  i will give some advice on loan application in general.

so if you expecting  to make an application at this time and you have encountered any challenges do not hesitate to ask any questions about application and all things related to applications

contact us on +12542631342 for further information visit our blog to get apdate too if you are a Form six graduate you can add this number on your school's whatsapp  group we will notify  you every time we get education news

1. The original registration guide (i) login to this site http: //www.olas.go.tz first make registration   as shown here in the photo

(ii) thereafter if you did a necta examination choose the necta side if you did not do  the necta examination choose  on the other side of non necta examination

(iii) fill out the information you  required to fill  in order to continue in another step also make sure when you set a password  your passwords must have capital and small letters with the number and number of characters on the password should be 6 or more.
(iv) submit your information you will find the message that has shown you successfully performing the initial registration

(v) login to your account again

(vi) read the instructions afterwards click the section on my application

(VII) The first step is to make sure you pay money comply with the method you have chosen to pay for the note that everyone has its own control number  which are unique to the other that he will use as a reference number, ensures  you do not  copy  the other person's control number.
after paying the system will allow you to proceed with the next step

note also you can pay for CRDB and NMB instructions you can read olas
2. HOW TO KUPLOAD PASSPORT OLAS AND OTHER GUIDE INFORMATIONPlease follow the example below of how a Passport size photo should look like (dimension 150X160 ) if the device you use to make the application is a computer use a software called a paint may  help you  to complete this

(i) open your photo by using the paint and after the photo open click on the section written   resize

(ii) after clicking resize you will get these results please select pixels after then remove mark from the boxes written maintain aspect ratio.

     (iii) on a box labeled horizontal   means the width of the photo please put 150 on a box labeled vertical  means height please put 160 after that click ok, save your image and image will be ready on png format and you can upload to olas
    for android phone users can download the photo resizer apk available to play store so they will help as to accomplish this
      1. All documentation that you attached or uploaded online must be verified first and birth certificates must be submitted to the Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA).

      2.2. Applicants whose parents have died have been advised to submit certificates of death to Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) or the designated officer(s) to ascertain their validity. However, District Social Welfare Officer (DSWO) will have to endorse parent’s death report from village or ward authorities
      3. Applicants should review their pre-print information on the form if there is a correct note to that after applicant's print a  form will not be able to re-edit its information.

       4. Applicants and parents/guardians/guarantors are reminded to write a signature on page 2 and 5.

      5. Applicants are reminded of the put signature of the Local Government Authorities and the Commissioner of Oath or Advocate.

      6. Applicants are required to upload all the necessary attachments as well as pages 2 and 5 on olas

      7. Applicants are advised to keep one copy of the application form.
      9. Applicants are required to consider the deadline for applications.

      The complete  pre-ready form for the applicant to review and print it will appear in this style and the applicant will select the the step number 10 to print and preview



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