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Eligible Criteria To Apply For HESLB Loan 2019/2020

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HESLB LOAN APPLICATION 2019/2020 TIPSIn addition to general eligibility, additional criteria define NEEDY applicant who should not exceed 33 years of age at the time of application,
who may:
  • (Be a poor orphan (who has lost both parents) or partial orphan (who has lost one parent) has to be certified by RITA.
  • Have disability that has to be certified by District Medical Officer (DMO), Regional Medical Officer (RMO), or any entity authorized to certify such cases (as may be specified).
  • Have parents with disability to be certified by District Medical Officer (DMO), Regional Medical Officer (RMO), or any entity authorized to certify such cases (as may be specified).
  • Be from lower income household and/or marginalized community whose secondary or diploma education was sponsored by recognised institutions. Applicants will be required to provide written and authenticated evidence of such sponsorships.
General Eligibility Criteria as Pronounced by the Act”’ 
General Eligibility criteria require an applicant to meet the following conditions:
  1. Must be a Tanzanian;
  2. Must have applied for a loan through the Online Loan Application and Management System (OLAMS);
  3. Must have been admitted to an accredited Higher Learning Institution on full time basis except for Students Admitted at the Open University of Tanzania (OUT).
  4. Must not have funding from other sources.
  5. Must be a continuing student with results/progress reports to show that he/she has passed the examinations necessary to enable him/her to advance to the following year or stage of study.
  6. For a student’s loans beneficiary seeking to re-apply for loans after dropping out from one programme/college/university) he/she must repay at least 25% of their previous loans before applying for a new loan. (Note: Payment of 25% of the previously granted loans is not a guarantee for new loans allocation).
Other Eligibility Criteria
  • Loans shall be allocated in the order of established Neediness, and programme clustering.
  • Except for Continuing Students applying for loans for the first time, all other applicants must have completed their ACSEE or other equivalent qualifications within three (3) years, i.e. from 2016-2018 inclusive.
  • With the exception of the additional items in a specific year, amount allocated to a student will be maintained throughout his/her studies.

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  1. If he or she is a Tanzanian but born on another country,and he has studied in Tanzania from primary and his father is a Tanzanian ,but the problem is that he has a birth certificate of another country how will u help him or her

  2. Contact heslb for more clarification

    Just try to look dz site

    Use mobile number found on dz site and contact us


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