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What HESLB Loan Cover | HESLB loan Application 2019/2020

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HESLB LOAN APPLICATION 2019/2020 TIPS What HESLB Loan Cover | HESLB loan Application 2019/2020GRANTS

Subject to availability of funds Grants may be issued to cover in full the following items:
  • Tuition Fees (TU)
  • Books and Stationery Expenses (BSE)
  • Special Faculty Requirement Expenses (SFR)
  • Field Practical Training expenses (FPT)
  • Research Expenses (RE)
  • fMeals And Accommodation
Eligibility Criteria

Grants shall be governed by the following Specific Eligibility Criteria:
  1. Must be a direct entrant admitted to fully accredited HLls in Tanzania and who is confirmed to be disabled and supported by a certificate of disability from the District Medical Officer (DMO), Regional Medical Officer (RMO) or any entity authorized to certify such cases;
  2. Must fill the grant application form and submit the same through the Academic office of the respective institution;
  3. Continuing students Grants Beneficiary shall continue to benefit if he/she has passed the examinations necessary to enable him/her to proceed to the next year or stage of study. (No grant will be given to students who transfer to another HLI or repeat examinations).

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