The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board

The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board is a statutory authority established under Cap 253 Laws of Kenya to regulate the practice of medicine and dentistry in the country.
I am privileged to be a key player in steering the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board towards ensuring the provision of quality healthcare that is safe and ethical to the Kenyan people.
As an organization we rely on our Strategic Plan and the Client’s Service Charter to drive our vision and mission hence delivering our core mandate as per Cap 253 Laws of Kenya. We have over the years signed and implemented performance contracts as a tool of Monitoring & Evaluating Service Delivery. The Board has rolled out a New Business Model in a deliberate effort to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.
In this regard, most of our services can now be accessed online including among others: -
  • CPD Submission System(ICPD Kenya)
  • Doctors current retention register
  • Health facilities current register
  • List of accredited CPD providers and planned quarterly activities.
  • Downloadable forms with requirements for all services offered by the Board.
  • Updated new & events.
  • Procedure of lodging complains on alleged medical malpractice.
We welcome feedback from our own valued clients on the quality of services and areas that may require improvement.

  1. Approval   of  training   institutions  for  medical  and  dental practitioners;
  2. Renewal of annual licences of training institutions for medical and dental practitioners;
  3. Approval of curriculum and training facilities for undergraduate and postgraduate training in medicine and dentistry;
  4. Approval  and   accreditation  of  continuous  professional development providers;
  5. Supervision of medical and dental education and regulation of training thereof; and
  6. Supervision of internship training.

  1. Indexing of medical and dental students upon admission to a University;
  2. Register eligible medical and dental practitioners;
  3. Maintain an up-to-date  annual register of eligible medical and dental practitioners; and
  4. Register eligible private, community and faith based medical and dental institutions.

Email: info@kenyamedicalboard.org

Tel: 020-2728752 / 2711478 / 2724994
Mobile: +254 720 771 478/ +254 738 504 112
Website: http://www.medicalboard.co.ke

Woodlands Road off Lenana Road
P.O Box 44839 – 00100
Nairobi, Kenya

  1. Issue internship licences;
  2. Issue annual private practice licences for­ Specialist Practice.
  3. General Practice;
  4. Issue annual licences to private, community and faith based health care institutions;and
  5. Issue locum licences.

  1. Conduct internship Qualifying and Pre-Registration Examination for foreign trained doctors and dentists;
  2. Conduct assessment for foreign trained specialists; and
  3. Monitor university examinations for medical and dental Students.

  1. Inspect and accredit institutions for medical and dental training;
  2.  Inspect and approve internship training centers;
  3. Inspect and supervise public, private, community and faith based training institutions; and
  4. Inspect private and public premises of  medical  and  Dental practice.

Maintain Annual Database for
  1. Approved training institutions for medical and dental practitioners;
  2. Approved medical & dental practitioners, private, community & faith based medical and dental institutions;
  3. Curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate students in medicine and dentistry;
  4. Inspection reports;
  5. Approved internship training centers;
  6. Approved and Accredited Continuous Professional Development providers.

The Cabinet Secretary for health on:
  1. Matters pertaining to health care and training;
  2.  Medical and Dental training institutions;
  3.  Institutions that provide Health care; and
  4. Research regarding human subjects.

The Board collaborates with the following bodies of similar mandate:-
  1. At the international level, with the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authority (IAMRA);
  2. At the African Region, with the Association of Medical Council of Africa (AMCOA);
  3. At the Regional level,with the East Africa Community Boards and/or Councils;
  4. Locally, with the Nursing Council of Kenyan, the Pharmacy Poisons Board, the Clinical Officers Council, the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board, the Radiation and Protection Board, the Nutrition Council of Kenya and other  relevant health regulatory bodies; and.
  5. With other relevant Professional Associations.

  1. Conduct preliminary inquiries on professional conduct and medical malpractice;
  2. Hold and conduct Tribunal meetings; and
  3. Conduct inquiry into the health and fitness of practitioners.

  1. Set performance targets and sign Performance Contracts with the Minister;
  2. Prepare and submit annual appraisal reports on the Performance Contracts;
  3. Present audited accounts to Parliament at the end of each financial year pursuant to the Public Audit Act (No.12 of2003).

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