4 things your interviewer wants you to know interview tips

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Are you looking for interview tips? Read our blog to discover more about what your interviewer wants you to know. An interview provides you with an opportunity to make a good first impression, so if you want your job search to be successful, it’s important to make sure that you prepare adequately. From learning more about the company to being honest, there are plenty of things you can do to stand out from the crowd.

1. They want the interview to go well for you
Your interviewer already thinks that you have what it takes to do the job. Meeting prospective candidates is time consuming, which means that interviewers are very selective about who they choose to meet. They only arrange meetings for candidates who they think are eligible for the job. If you’ve been called in for an interview, it’s likely that your interviewer is impressed by the skills and qualifications that you listed on your CV. Trying to find new staff to hire is inconvenient so the interviewer wants you to be the right candidate for the job.

2. They can tell when you’re not being honest about your experience
Honesty is essential in every aspect of your job search. Trustworthiness is an important characteristic that employers are looking for and if you start off your relationship by lying you’ll break the trust right from the beginning. It’s often obvious to interviewers if you lie or embellish the facts but if they don’t notice it straight away, you’ll still be impacted negatively when you can’t perform your duties properly. While you should be honest, it’s advisable to know what your strengths are so that you can highlight them during the interview. Prepare for your interview by listing your strengths and an example of where you used each capability to succeed professionally.

3. Read up about the company you’re interviewing at, don’t wing it
If you want to make the most of the job opportunities that come your way, you’ll need to research the company before your interview. Start by reading their website. You’ll also need to learn more about the clients they work with. Showing an interest in the company tells employers that you take your job seriously, and it’s an indication that you’ll be a dedicated employee if they choose to hire you. Understanding more about the company will help you to know what to expect when you go to the interview. When you understand the company culture, it helps you to dress appropriately for the interview. You’ll need to dress professionally so that you look neat and confident on the day of the interview.

4. Be yourself, fitting into the company culture is important
Your prospective employer has already read your CV and seen your skills and qualifications. During the interview they want to learn more about your personality to see if you will work well with the other staff members in the company. They’ll be evaluating your interpersonal and communications skills as these capabilities are necessary in most positions and

industries. One of the most important interview tips you’ll receive is to be friendly and professional. Build rapport with the interviewer as it’s likely that you’ll be spending a lot of time with them if you’re hired.

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