Costs and 10 Steps to Establish University In Tanzania | UDAHILI Updates 2019

Accreditation of a University Institution

There are two steps to establish a University institution in Tanzania. Step one is application for Provisional Licence and step two is application for Certificate of Accreditation. The Provisional Licence is valid for three years, renewable once.

The procedure requires the institution /organization or an individual wishing to establish a University Institution in Tanzania to submit a formal application (in English) to TCU accompanied by a duly filled in TCU Form No. 1 as well as the following documents:-
  • Three copies of project write up for the proposed university;
  • Evidence of basic facilities for development of the proposed university;
  • Title deed or offer in the name of the proposed university or such other evidence on title to the proposed facilities;
  • Master-plan for the long-term development of the proposed university;
  • Implementation plan in related to the submitted master-plan;
  • Draft curricula for the initial programmes and the proposed fee structure thereof;
  • The draft charter using the model charter to be obtained from the Commission;
  • The details about the applicant showing clearly the proposed location of the proposed university as well as other details as shall be determined by the Commission

Please note that non refundable application fee for local investors is TZS 3,000,000 (three million shillings only) and foreign investors is $ 3,000 payable in advance.
The Provisional Licence Holder who met the conditions thereof may apply for Accreditation using TCU Form 9.
Ten step by step to be followed in establishing a new university are indicated in the attached PDF, download it through the link below:

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