How to apply for HELB Loan appeal: Forms and Review Process

Students who apply for HELB Loan for the first time and get rejected can apply for appeal by following the procedure provided below.

How to apply for HELB Loan appeal, download Forms, Review Process and special subsequent
Guide on How to apply for HELB Loan appeal, download Forms, Review Process for first time applicants and special subsequent /Photo Source

    What is HELB Loan Appeal?

    HELB Loan appeals is in simple terms reapplying for helb loan after being rejected during first time application, subsequent or want your loan reward to be increased.

    How to apply for HELB Loan appeal

    Follow the procedure below;
    1. Visit: helb Portal
    2. Login to the student portal
    3. Go to the HELB Loan appeal tab
    4. Fill and Download the HELB Loan appeal form
    5. Print the form and append your signature
    6. Drop the form at Anniversary towers or any Huduma Center near You
    NOTE: Just like the application process, HELB Loan appeal process has timelines each year. If the appeal is not open you will not be able to fill the appeal form nor will you be bale see the appeal forms tab. Contact HELB to know when the appeal process will open.

    HELB Loan Rejections and what your should know

    Some of the Likely reason for HELB Loan Rejections include;
    • You provided inadequate information during the application process.
    • You provided false information during the application process.
    • For subsequent applicants, you might have been banned from applying because you provided wrong parents income information
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