Tips to Succeed in a Second Interview

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The prospect of a second interview is exciting, yet at the same time disappointing. You are happy the employer is interested enough, but you also wish they would just make you an offer without having to go through the whole nerve-racking process again.

However, the second interview is valuable to both employers and candidates for a variety of reasons!

Why Do Employers Request a Second Interview?

The reasons why a company may ask you back for a second interview can differ. The good news is that the employer is interested and you have a chance to remedy any mistakes made during the first interview. Companies may request a second interview because:

company policy dictates two rounds of interviews, one to filter candidates and another to make the final selection

key managers and decision-makers were absent on the day of the interview

a longer period of time has elapsed since the first interview

On-site interview was successful and the employer would like the candidate to meet other team members at the home office

the job description has changed and the employer would like to ask more detailed questions regarding specific skills

Tips to Succeed in a Second Interview

Effective interviewing during a second interview is little different than it was for the first interview. However, you should have a greater understanding of the company’s products and or services, the requirements of the position, and the names and job roles of employees you have already spoken to. Other tips for succeeding in a second interview comprise:

showing the employer that you have good listening skills by recalling details about the position and the company

radiating an air of self-assurance, eagerness, and gusto

further emphasizing the close match between your skills and the requirements of the position

asking the employer more detailed targeted questions regarding the requirements of the position based on what you have learned during the first interview

asking for clarification on the company’s products and/or services in addition to the skills required for the job, then clearly articulating how you can succeed in the position

How to Handle Rejection after a Second Interview

After enduring two grueling interviews, it’s a major disappointment if you aren’t selected for the position. The employer may have several reasons for this such as a last-minute change in the job description, a better fit, or a decision to eliminate the position altogether. You should politely thank the hiring manager for his or her time and request to be notified of any future positions with the company.

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