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Careers with a Botany Degree

There are many careers you can purse with a major in botany; when you enter the workforce, you could be performing tasks that range from researching plant genes, to lobbying government for more stringent pollution controls.
A Bachelor’s degree in Botany is the minimum requirement for many relevant careers in this field. With it, you can pursue positions such as Environmental Technician and Conservation Officer. But you’re not just limited to careers in the field either. Because of the transferable skills you’ll gain, such as excellent observational and analytical skills, you’ll make a competent employee in almost any industry!

Pursuing a Graduate Degree

With a graduate degree in botany, even more career options open up, such as becoming a Cell Biologist or a University Professor. Most college and university research and teaching positions in botany require a doctoral degree.
Fortunately, a bachelor’s degree in Botany is a great pre-requisite for graduate school in botany, as well as a wide variety of other fields, such as biology, medicine, law, business administration, pharmacy and dentistry. This makes botany an excellent option if you’re considering a career in any of these areas.
This careers guide was written to show you that with a degree in botany, there are virtual no limits on the type of career you can pursue! So, read on below to find out more about what your options are, and what you'll need to pursue them!

Why Botany is Important

The research conducted by academics and professionals in this field has contributed greatly to our understanding of various plants, their processes, the ecosystems they exist within, and their relationship with humans and animals.
For example, the application of what we learn from studying botany can be applied for purposes such as:
• Preserving our natural resources
• Producing antibiotics for animals and humans from plants
• Utilizing plants as a fuel source
• Increasing our air and water quality
• Furthering knowledge relating to the balancing of ecosystems
• Increasing our knowledge of the impact of climate change

Careers Relevant to a Botany Degree

A degree in botany serves as an excellent foundation for careers both in and out of science. It can however, be of particular benefit to you if you’re interested in pursuing any of the following careers:

• Agricultural Chemist
• Agricultural Consultant
• Agrologist
• Biologist
• Biostatistician
• Blogger
• Botanical Field Technician
• Botanist
• Cell Biologist
• Conservation Officer
• Entrepreneur
• Environmental Analyst
• Environmental Education Assistant
• Environmental Education Officer
• Environmental Impact Assessment Specialist
• Environmental Lawyer
• Environmental Policy Officer
• Environmental Technician
• Florist
• Forest Manager
• Forest Technician
• Forestry Consultant
• Global Warming Advocate
• Greenhouse Operator
• Horticulturalist
• International Aid Worker
• Laboratory Manager
• Land Manager
• Market Gardener
• Museum Curator
• Mycologist
• Natural Resources Manager
• Natural Resources Planner
• Naturalist
• Nursery Operator
• Plant Geneticist
• Range Manager
• Research Assistant
• Soil Conservationist
• Soil Scientist
• University Professor
• Wildlife Manager

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