several questions about appeal to heslb

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can we appeal to our SIPA accounts to add information such as adding a death certificate and other items or what is the procedure because I want to get a death certificate I did not get it in time?


That is very possible. I have experience with that thing. Last year there were Applicant who forgot to put a sponsor form for their diploma studies and they did not get a loan, even 1 shilling for all batches.

When the Appeal window was opened and they filled in the form they forgot, the day HESLB  announce the names of the successful appeals they get a 100% loan, i.e. I say 100% you know it is really a hundred% HESLB gave them all kinds of loan item especially: field, tuition fees, boom, special faculty, research, book and stationery for all three years.

Except for a few things, obviously this year the number of students who will appeal will be high because EVERYONE not satisfied with the amount of money, so make sure you have very important documents so that you can compete well with many of your colleagues who will appeal as well. Keep the death certificate and then try to fill the sponsor form and send it to school, then arrange for the headteacher to fill the form and then upload it to OLAMS, then the board must add a little money or even 100 %

life is a struggle

Is the appeal to HESLB only for those who have received an unsatisfactory loan or is it also for those whose names have not appeared on the list of loan beneficiaries from HESLB?

If you are not satisfied, you can also appeal, but have firm evidence.

N: B there is a relative who got a loan of 60% when he appealed they reduced the loan to 50%

If you have a real problem you lose nothing by appeal but you know the probability of them agreeing with you is small because 

(1) you don’t know why they gave you what they gave you or denied you, now how do you defend yourself? 

(2) Assume they have set a limit of 30000 students and have already donated about 29000 and something, so maybe if they get extra money they will help a few more through appeal. So appeal but be prepared with another strategy.

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